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This database contains DNA sequences (barcodes) of arthropod species sequenced in INRA, CIRAD and SupAgro laboratories. We chose to sequence the mitochondrial Cytochrome c oxydase I standard barcode fragment (COI) as well as the nuclear internal transcribed spacer 2 (ITS2)  to provide a reliable identification tool for all developmental stages of our target species. For some species, sequences from other genes studied for phylogenetic purposes are also available  (Cyt b, Elongation Factor 1-α, 28s D2-D3 and D4-D5, 18s, Mago Nashi etc.).
Arthemis also hosts information about the distribution of the sequenced species, their biology and ecology as well as taxonomic information (synonyms, etc.) and pictures.
By clicking the identification tools button in the navigation bar, you can compare your query sequences to our library of sequences and get an identification (see database guidelines for more information).

Target species
The database hosts a dense diversity of arthropod species that are pests of different cultures throughout the world, as well as their natural enemies plus some species of conservation concern (Coleoptera Carabidae, Tenebrionidae ; Lepidoptera Papilionidae ;  Neuroptera).
Our main target groups belong to Coleoptera (Cerambycidae, Chrysomelidae Bruchinae, etc.) ; Hemiptera [Aleyrodidae, Aphididae (see below), Coccoidea, Heteroptera and Psylloidea] ; Hymenoptera (Chalcidoidea) and Lepidoptera [Crambidae (Ostrinia), Noctuidae (Spodoptera), Tortricidae] as well as to some mite families (Phytoseiidae, Tetranychidae).

Dedicated websites for groups that we studied in more depth
PhylAphidB@se: Aphid Ecology, Molecular Identifications and Systématics Database
Quarantine species for Europe

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